Navicula - Refuse to Forget (live at KDVS, California)

by Navicula



"Refuse to Forget" is dedicated to Munir Said Thalib, a human rights activist from Indonesia who was assassinated in 2004. Since his assassination, Munir's killers have still not been brought to justice. This song is dedicated to the "Menolak Lupa" movement in Indonesia, which means "Refuse to Forget".

On Dec 8th, the birth date of Munir Said Thalib, we are releasing this song, you can download it for free or make a donation to the band. It was recorded just days ago at KDVS radio at Davis University in California.


“Refuse to Forget”

I can see your bloody past
Reflected on poison glass
You tried to hide this in the sky
But we learned how to fly

History is all the same
Seeds of change, laced with pain
Even if i lose my voice,
I still have a choice

I refuse to forget

Hide the truth with buried bones
All that’s left are broken homes
Vultures eat his frozen flesh
His soul will never rest

Stealing, killing, spreading lies
One man dies, millions rise
You can’t tell us where to go
Or what not to know

I refuse to forget


released December 8, 2012
All music by Navicula
Lyrics by Lakota Moira


all rights reserved




Navicula is a psychedelic grunge band from Bali, Indonesia. Using music to forward positive social and environmental change. World travelers. Bali lovers. Music matters.

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