Dead Trees

from Tatap Muka (audio) by Navicula


Dead Trees

Friends from the forest are calling me
I’m hearing them scream they want to be free
I want to stand with them and the tall trees
For it will be gone tomorrow

Don’t tell me there’s nothing to say
Nature is not something you can throw away
It’s wrong to believe there’s time to act tomorrow
Today is now tomorrow

They left me a sign to help me find, cause they’re running out of time
Oh, my friend, I know you are watching me…

Dead trees marking my way, it all disappears, that’s why I’m here
I keep finding my way, so that one day
My darling we’ll walk through the green

I feel something wrong is happening today
People are moving so fast they’re losing their way
I understand what we think and believe in today can affect tomorrow

And can you find peace of mind, the end could be today
You choose your way, the games you play, it’s up to you...


from Tatap Muka (audio), released May 21, 2015
music: Gede Robi
lyrics: Kayti Denham


all rights reserved




Navicula is a psychedelic grunge band from Bali, Indonesia. Using music to forward positive social and environmental change. World travelers. Bali lovers. Music matters.

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